You have multiple training options, whether you want to be trained in-person or online. 

We suggest in-person fundamental training if you have no experience in cosmetic or paramedical tattooing so you l learn everything from the basics and BBP to specifics regarding the type of tattooing you're performing. If you have experience, an online transition course or additional in-person course can be beneficial to you.

We also offer free trainings to help you expand your knowledge along the way! 



Fundamental Training: For those who have no experience whatsoever

                               Powder / Ombre Brows Basics Training                             

                               Microblading Basics Training                             

                               Elite Brow Basics Training                             

                               Lip Blush Basics Training                             

                               Brows and Lips Basics Training                             

                               Paramedical Tattoo Training                             

Advanced Training: For those who have experience and/or related experience and want to expand upon their skills 

                               Powder/ Ombre Brow Advanced Training                             

                               Microblading Advanced Training                             

                               Lip Blush Advanced Training                             

                               Paramedical Tattoo Training                             

                               Plasma Pen Fibroblast Training